3rd Eye Tribe Entertainment LLC

James Quintana born in August 24 , 1996 from Norwalk California better known as Jactive8 is a Latin American Rapper, Song Writer. 

He started his music career in 2015 with 3rd Eye Tribe Entertainment an Independent label. His inspirations came from 90’s Prominent Artist like Slim shady , Busta rhymes , Bone Thugs Tupac and Wu tang clan. Discovering himself as an Artist and Brand was his main focus coming into the scene primarily.

He now released his new mixtape Remember Amnesia in 2019 . A spiritual lyrical content project for all the underground fans to enjoy, resonating with rebellion and activism, being a voice for immigrants as he experienced his family going through that lifestyle.

Now gradually releasing more singles and collaborations with Local artists his style of Spanglish rap continues thrive. 

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