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  • Design of your release presentation

  • Worldwide promotion in 52 countries covered by international royalties’ agreements
  • E-blast to 30 000 real radio stations
  • 1-year presence on International Media Base
  • Real-time radio spins results. Learn where and when your release was broadcasted through our promotion
  • Real-time media feedback results. Learn what decision makers of the music industry think of your release
  • Statistic tools. Learn in what country and period which of your tracks had more success
  • Get interview requests
  • Risk-free promotion. If your release will not get results in 3 months we will fully refund you

All radio stations we work with are located in the territories covered by author and related rights agreements.

That means that radio stations pay all necessary rights and spins your release will get will generate your royalties payments.

As an artist you will be paid through rights collection organization you are affiliated to (ASCAP, BMI, etc)

Your release is submitted to all radio stations, that is 30 000: FM/AM, college and web radio stations.

The radio stations we work with, both FM and web, are real professional radio stations. Each has its own musical programmer. What tracks radio station plays is his choice.

When the track is good and a radio programmer finds it matches his radio musical style - he will play it. If not - he will not.

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