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City Dreamer Feat King Los   

Los Angeles - One of Hip-Hops most renowned lyricist King Los features on “City Dreamer” with 3rd Eye Tribe Ent artist Cthree.,The track includes vocals from Balance Mine and a intense  production atmosphere arranged by Anthony Holiday. Sonically mixed & mastered by grammy nominated producer Stephan Green, The magic of Los Angeles in undeniable and this records captures the essence the city of Angeles showing the will and persistence to manifest a dream in chaos. 

“City Dreamer” is  single from Cthree Studio album release “Spirit Language” a 12 track album featuring artist like Eric Bellinger, King Los, Ebony Mahal & More along with the graphic novel also written by Cthree and illustrated by former marvel illustrator Arron Johnson. 

 You can only find the album exclusively on www.3rdeyetribeent.com with a FREE STREAMING option & soon to be for a short time as its set to be available on all major online platforms like Spotify tidal etc in march Stay up to date with new content and news by Cthree on social media accounts like twitter Instagram & facebook @Cthree93


Chilly Winters – “Cold Hearts Break Hearts“ (EP Review) 

Detroit Michigan own Chilly Winters drops a new album titled "Cold Hearts Break Hearts" a conceptual album about the pain and trauma throughout Chillys Life. Right of the the back I see the uniqueness in his persona with the cover art associated with the album showing the artistic temperature of this album as the dark cartoonist pinpoints Chillys emotions dead on. The title itself speaks volumes as he shows his journey to inner-standing this conceptual idea. 

The album begins with "Trapped" were the listener begins inside the mind of Chilly winters. The hook allures you in immediately I like the rhyme scheme as they carry over perfectly. The Detroit Emcee showcases his song writing ability off the jump, as we roll on to the next track titled D.N.D.D highlights the brand persona of Chilly winters as the optimistic pessimist, You can hear the pain in every song as each artist brings a certain energy to balance the song like Hatch did on this track with his raw right out the fire verse. 

B.S which is all Bars & Bullshit where Chilly winters showcases his punch line ability as he sets the tempo to the album. "All I need" featuring Bizzare the melodic track well written lyrics with great production to top it off. As the album goes on it become evident the focus put into chillys tracklist.

Next on the track list is "Gucci sweater" especially like this song because he shows the listener his transparency as he holds up the people who help him along the way. "Solo" is one of those songs thats spitting  facts I can see a one shot video for this track with alot of fire. Chilly brings an emo cocky vibe to the scene I cant wait to see the development of this artist in the latter years as he continues to show he can write a good song. I had to lay down a couple years I got some knowledge showing his growth over the years. 

"Runnin" was the trype of song you wont forget the catchy hook and contemplation bars make this a banger safe to say my fav on the tracklist so far. "I fucked up a lot and no one to blame I grab that shovel and dig me out of that grave" this was the line that gave me life anytime pains becomes evolution its worth spreading. Follow Chilly Winters on Social media and stay updated with new music & news. 

Rating 8

By Cthree Eric McElroy

Bizkit - Vibe Killer 

 Bizkit releases his second solo single showcasing his dynamic songwriting ability. 

“Vibe Killer” is aimed at a significant other being selfish in the midst of work, the dramatic theatric overtone adds to the building of anticipation. Check it out below Bizkit showing off his saxophonist skills at the end of “VK” with a smooth break down. 

Written by Bizkit, Anthony Clemons & Raymond Komba. 

Produced by Butta-N-Bizkit & Raymond Komba.